Mama's Treasure Box: Drawing Boards and Tablets


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Fine and Large Motor Activities



 White Board

White Board

Drawing is a fantastic way to develop fine motor skills, and drawing boards such as magnetic boards, LCD Writers and whiteboards are a great resource for drawing on the go.

 Magnetic Board

Magnetic Board

We have a variety of boards in our Treasure Box that we can pull out at different times depending on where we are. Magnetic boards and LCD Writers are great when you do not want your kids playing with markers or making a mess. These boards come with marking tools and can be easily erased with little to no mess. Whiteboards require a few more tools to be effective, and while they are still fun to use, they are not always as practical as the magnetic boards or LCD Writers.

 LCD Writing Tablets

LCD Writing Tablets

Each of the drawing boards can be used to play games such as tic-tac-toe, dots and boxes, hangman, mazes and Pictionary. Each of these games requires critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are important for kids to develop as they age. Plus, these games can be geared toward your child’s specific age.

*Tablet use for kids is a very controversial topic for many parents, educators and researchers alike; however, I have included it as a resource here as it is something that our family has chosen to add to our Treasure Box. You may decide that it is not right for your family and that is ok as well.*

 Amazon Fire Tablet

Amazon Fire Tablet

Tablets have the potential to be a great source of entertainment and a fantastic educational tool for kids; however, they can quickly become a problem if not supervised or monitored.

We have a variety of games and activities on our tablet that allow for learning and a few that are just for fun. We also allow our kids to watch shows on the tablet during long car rides. There are many free or inexpensive games available that will help your kids learn their colors, shapes, letters and sounds. A few of our favorite games include the “Endless” games (Numbers, Alphabet, and Reader) as well as ABC Mouse.

Tablets should be used sparingly and should not be the first choice for a quiet activity; that being said, tablets are a favorite from our Treasure Box. We love to use our tablet as a reward or treat, making it a special time for my kids. Whenever possible, sit with them while they play and interact with them, asking them about the games they’re playing.

Drawing Board and Tablet Tips: Just as when your child is using regular writing utensils, be sure they are using a proper tripod grip when using drawing boards. The more they practice using the correct grip, the easier it will become for them. Developing the correct grip will help their drawing and writing skills, as well.

When using a tablet, I recommend downloading a few games and checking them out for yourself before you let your kids play to make sure the games are age appropriate as well as educational.

Treasure Box Tips: My favorite part of the Treasure Box is the unlimited possibilities they can hold. No matter the ages of your kids or what they like to do, there are activities or items that you can put in your Treasure Box to keep your kids entertained when you need them to be patient. The best advice I can offer on filling your Treasure Box is to include your kids in choosing the activities. Each kid has different needs and likes, and if your kids are involved in the planning, they will be more engaged in playing.

I would love to hear about your Treasure Box ideas or suggestions! Together we can turn the struggles of parenting into successes!

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