Mama's Treasure Box: Building


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Pattern Blocks

Fine and Large Motor Activities

My son loves to build and create things, but, much to his dismay, taking his lego table with us everywhere is just not possible. Instead, we got creative found a few items that work great for building on the go!

 Alphabet Blocks

Alphabet Blocks

The old faithful is small alphabet blocks. We keep about 20 of these in a small travel bag and they can be used for a variety of building activities. We also use them for counting, letter and number identification and stacking.

 Popsicle Stick for Building

Popsicle Stick for Building

One of my favorite building materials are popsicle sticks with velcro on them. For our popsicle sticks, I cut small pieces of velcro and place it at various places on the popsicle sticks. I use a mixture of the loop and hook sides on each popsicle stick and place them on the ends of some, in the middle of others and some on both sides. We love to make shapes and roads with our sticks. I love to see the different shapes and creations my son invents. We also like to play a guessing game to see if we can guess what the other created.

 Cars and Trucks

Cars and Trucks

Be sure to keep a supply of small cars and trucks in your Treasure Box to be used for driving on your block roads and other objects.

Building Tips: Blocks can become flying objects very easily.  One way to solve this issue is to put velcro on one side of the blocks so they can “stick” together and have less of a chance to fly around a room.  

Coming up next week: Drawing Boards