Winter Projects for Kids


"Even when it is cold outside, our memories will keep us warm." -Unknown

Winter in Central Wisconsin has been brutal this year. We have not had a ton of snow, but it has been so cold that we cannot be out to enjoy sledding or snowman building. As mama to a 3-year-old and an 18-month-old, cabin fever has hit our house in a big way this week, and I have been looking for ways to keep them entertained. Oliver has been very excited to build a snowman, something we have only been able to do once so far this winter. That’s why I dug out my box of winter activities to find a way to build a snowman indoors and keep us busy for a few days!

With each activity I pulled from the box, Oliver got more and more excited. From Snowman Letter Matching to Rolling a Snowman and Button Counting to Puffy Snowman making, he didn’t know where to start!

After some deliberation, we decided to start with the Snowman Letter Matching. (Download your free set HERE. To make the puzzles self-correcting, do not cut on the straight line; instead, add curves and lines to make each cut just a little different). Oliver really enjoyed this set because it is not only matching letters, but a corresponding picture as well.  

Our next project was the Roll-a-Snowman game. We recruited dad to play this game with us while Morgan was still napping. Using a dice, each person takes a turn rolling to see which piece of their snowman they get that turn. We continued playing until we had each made a complete snowman. Oliver loved to count the pips on the dice for each of us, and it was great practice for him to match it up to the correct snowman piece. Download your own set of snowmen HERE.

Using some spare buttons, we played the Button Counting Game. One each turn, we chose a number and had to put that amount of buttons on the snowman. After we had played for awhile, we started choosing two numbers and counting the total to put on the snowman. Oliver had a hard time initially with matching the buttons, but as we continued the game, he understood more of what we were doing and was able to count the buttons for not only his snowman, but mine as well. Download your set of the Button Counting Game HERE.

Our winter activities will continue on our next blog post.  Stay tuned!

Some of our favorite snowman books